Juan Cruz ’16
John Hagele ’16
Sarah Hernandez ‘16
Emily Higgs ‘16
Farah Imtiaz ‘16
Mariah Lawhon ‘16
Nicole Moody ‘16
Sylvia Omozee ’16
Corey Palermo ’16
Abraham Younes ‘16
Laurel Bingman ‘15
Alyce Chu ’15
Alyssa Dugar ’15
Amy Hilton ‘15
Becca Kellner ’15
Sarah Normoyle ’15
LiTre Smith ’15
Kara van Schilfgaarde ’15
Andrew Stout ‘15
Addison Verger ’15
Melissa Yuan ’15
Tristina Bryant ’14
Daniel Burns ‘14
Elizabeth Dunn ’14
Hayley Jones ’14
Jacquelyn Pass ’14
Mike Schubert ’14
TC Weinlandt ’14
Chepe Lockett
Alice Rhoades


Should your name be on this list?  If so, email us at riceplayers “at” gmail “dot” com and let us know!

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