Play in a Day 2017: Information for Students


WRITE. DIRECT. ACT. All in 24 hours!

In 24 hours, we will write, rehearse, and perform original short plays. We need playwrights, directors, and actors — no experience required!

So, how does it work? ALL PARTICIPANTS start together at 8pm on Friday, January 13 for a kickoff meeting in the McMurtry PDR, during which we will announce this year’s theme and everyone will get to meet each other. The writers then have from the end of the meeting until 6am on Saturday to write a one-act play (finished scripts are usually around 10 pages). Bright and early Saturday morning, the writers will hand over their scripts to the directors and actors, who will rehearse throughout the day. At 8pm Saturday night, it’s showtime! The original plays will be performed on the Hamman Hall stage.

Whether you’ve been in a million shows, or you’ve never stepped foot in Hamman Hall, this is a great way to try something new and get creative! And the best part for busy Rice students? It’s only a one-day time commitment.

Want to participate? Just fill out the google doc below:

Choose which role you want to play – writer, actor, or director – and if you’re really amibitious, try for the 24 Hour Challenge-writing your own play and then acting in another!*

Writers are invited to work in pairs or teams if they would like. If you are a writer and plan to work in a pair/team, please let us know on the google form who you will be working with.

If you have any questions e-mail us at, or contact Rice Players Coordinator Shelby Bice



The Rice Players Coordinators

*for your own wellbeing and sanity, we don’t advise this, but hey, it’s your funera