The Glass Menagerie

This performance has passed, but thank you to everyone who came and supported us! Please feel free to learn more about this production below.


Background: Known as the play that brought classic American playwright, Tennessee Williams, his first major success, this performance explores the theatrical beginnings of a household name and the relatable themes that he so expertly crafted.

Based on autobiographical elements of Tennessee Williams’ life and family, this play not only conveys his struggles in his early domestic life but also highlights the human qualities of hope, desire, love, and memory present in all of us.

Director: Peter Ton

Stage Manager: Grace Wickerson

Assistant Stage Manager: Matt Buchholz


Shelby Bice as Laura

Catherine Dunaway as Amanda

Zac McCray as Jim

Jacob Mattia as Tom

Synopsis: In this play, narrator Tom Wingfield recalls memories from his life as a young man. Coping with a tiresome job in order to support his family, an absentee father, and a constant feeling of being trapped, Tom seeks release from his responsibilities and aspires to write poetry. In addition, Tom’s slightly controlling mother, Amanda, desperately seeks a suitor for her shy, disabled daughter, Laura, who lacks any personal hopes or ambitons and channels focus into her collection of glass figurines. Amanda implores Tom to stick to his responsibilities while also asking him to help find a gentleman caller for Laura, which he does within his friend, Jim.

But while all may seem to start working out for these characters, hopes are tested, tensions heightened, and ultimately the dreams of these people and of the audience are brought into question.